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Drug slang A regional term for selling crack
Sexology Copulation
Vox populi Pressing someone for details about a particular matter


Vigorous opening and closing of the fist to enhance filling of subcutaneous veins below a tourniquet placed around an arm in preparation for phlebotomy.


Draining or emptying of fluids by hydraulic suction.

lymphatic pumping

In osteopathy, manipulation of the thoracic cavity to facilitate lymphatic circulation.

stomach pumping

See: gastric lavage
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Medical men and forensic scientists will do well to preserve the integrity of their professional standards and maintain their own self respect as men of science rather than comply with the requests of overzealous investigators to participate in such a venture as the stomach pumping procedure in the Rochin case.
She stopped, her flat stomach pumping in, out, and gently blew a bad poem in his ear: