stomach bubble

stom·ach bub·ble

the gas in the fundus of the stomach seen on an upright radiograph.
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Fetal stomach bubble was identified and fetal situs was determined by identifying left and right sides of the fetus.
The relationship of the fetal heart to the stomach bubble is seen.
Chest x-ray revealed dextrocardia and right-sided stomach bubble.
A stomach bubble is slightly displaced from the diaphragm outline owing to intervening bridging liver (Fig.
Case review and repeat chest X-ray after inserting a nasogastric tube showed the nasogastric tube in the abdomen, the stomach bubble present and the left hemithorax contained cystic gas-filled shadows.
Fetal stomach bubble was not visualized during the 45-minute sonographic examination (Figure 1).
In a study by Stringer et al (3) the positive predictive value of an absent stomach bubble and polyhydramnios was 56%.
Satoh et al (6) extended these preliminary findings to all cases with both polyhydramnios and a small or absent stomach bubble.