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Adiabatic flame temperatures are of comparable magnitude for both stoichiometric hydrogen-air and gasoline (analogously isooctane)-air mixtures; Verhelst and Wallner (2009) [15] report values of 2390 K for stoichiometric hydrogen-air and 2276 K for stoichiometric isooctane-air (both values at 300 K and 1 atm initially).
This simple experimental test shows an evidence that monitoring air fuel cylinder imbalance during this stoichiometric operation under similar operating conditions would not be enough to ensure robust estimation.
According to the theory on stepwise polymerizations [16], under the assumptions of full conversion and absence of side reactions, binary systems at the stoichiometric composition (q = 1) would present a closed architecture.
w0] depends only on the stack current density and the anode side stoichiometric flow ratio, both of which are usually known.
1] is found along the stoichiometric iso-line in conjunction with the maximal temperature.
2] trim by enabling the burner to operate a fuel/air mixture on the edge of stoichiometric conditions.
For example, at Figure 2-A illustrates the optimal norm of acid for the treatment of ordinary phosphate flour equal to 40% of the stoichiometric norm.
Equivalence ratio, [phi], is defined as the ratio of the actual refrigerant/air ratio to the stoichiometric refrigerant/air ratio, that is,
2] sensors which transmit a high-resolution signal only when the air-fuel ratio is near stoichiometric (which is 14.
36] as the functions of stoichiometric ratio x, which is known Aluminium concentration ratio.