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Pertaining to stoichiometry.


Pertaining to stoichiometry.


(stoy″kē-om′ĕ-trē) [Gr. stoicheion, element + -metry]
The study of the mathematics of chemistry and chemical reactions; chemical accounting and chemical calculations.
stoichiometric (kē-ŏ-me′trik), adjective
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The new engine has low hydro carbon and extremely low nitrogen oxide emissions, which meet the EURO 4 emissions target and fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 15 to 20% compared with a stoechiometric 4-stroke gasoline engine.
DOC solutions were produced by reaction of chlorite anion with chlorydric acid in stoechiometric excess.
At this stoechiometric ratio, the average functionality of the reactants (chains with 2 -[CH.sub.2]OH groups act merely as diluents and are excluded from the calculations) is only 1.71, and therefore, being less than 2, no high MW species should be formed.