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a closely fitting covering for the foot and adjacent parts of the lower limb.
antiembolic s's (compression s's) support hose.
Jobst stocking trademark for an elastic support hose that is custom made for a patient.


a. A close-fitting, usually knitted covering for the foot and leg, often made of sheer fabric as nylon or silk and rising high on the leg.
b. A sock.
2. Something that resembles such a covering, especially:
a. An elasticized garment that exerts pressure on the leg to improve blood flow and is used in the treatment of various circulatory disorders or sometimes following surgery.
b. A bag in the shape of a large sock that is often decorated and hung on a mantle for the deposit of Christmas presents.
c. A white marking on the lower leg of a dark-colored horse, extending from the hoof to at least the hock or knee.

stock′inged adj.


A garment worn on the leg and foot.
[M.E. stokke]


1. A snug covering for the foot, ankle, and leg.
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COMPRESSION STOCKING: to manage lymphedema
2. An elastic covering for the foot, ankle, and leg that places firm, even pressure on an extremity, useful in managing edema, preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) of the leg, and in treating varicose veins. Pneumatic compression devices, which sequentially inflate and deflate, are more effective than simple elasticized stockings. A graduated compression stocking exerts more pressure at the ankle than on the rest of the limb. Its pressure decreases proximally to permit venous return of blood. External compression reduces the cross-sectional area of the limb and increases the velocity of blood flow in both superficial and deep veins. It also improves venous valve function, reduces vein distention, and may have favorable effects on coagulants. In hospitalized patients at low risk for DVT, compression stockings may be used alone to prevent the formation of blood clots; for those at higher risk, compression stockings usually are used in combination with anticoagulant therapy, such as heparin, low molecular weight heparin, or warfarin. Low-risk patients are those who have had minor surgery (less than 30 min), minor trauma, or minor medical illnesses. See: illustration

Patient care

Health care professionals should consider the following as guiding principles for clinical practice in the use of graduated compression stockings in the management of patients: 1. Apply compression stockings before surgery (when possible).2. Follow manufacturer's recommendations to ensure correct fit.3. Document measurements and stocking size at initial use to serve as baseline measures for the patient.4. Review leg measurements regularly to avoid potential complications related to leg swelling.5. Be sure the patient’s legs and feet are dry before putting on stockings.6. Remove stockings at least once each shift for skin assessment, hygiene, and care.7. Provide more than one pair of hose in the correct size to allow for laundering if long-term use is planned.8. Check stocking periodically during wear to ensure correct placement and to be certain there is no bunching or other restriction that would impede perfusion.9. Assess neurovascular status regularly during skin care and at other times using the inspection hole in the foot of the compression stocking.10. Check patient sitting in a chair to be sure stockings do not compromise perfusion by acting as a tourniquet at the knee. 11. Teach patient and family the reason for using compression stockings, concerns for application and correct fit, care of the skin, and the importance of assessing for leg swelling. If the patient has difficulty putting on compression hose, suggest wearing rubber gloves to help grip the stockings. Warn the patient not to pull too hard, because this could rip the hose. Applying a lubricating silicone lotion to the leg before donning the stockings may help to reduce friction. Assistive devices are available to help with donning compression stockings. If stockings roll or slip down at the top, a roll-on adhesive designed for compression stockings can be applied to the leg to help resolve this problem. Advise the patient to replace stockings every 6 months. The patient should avoid standing or sitting for long periods, wearing constricting clothing (girdles, etc.), and crossing the legs. Legs and feet should be protected from injury and inspected daily.

TED stockings

Elastic hose worn on the lower extremities to prevent thrombophlebitis, while at prolonged bedrest or during periods of prolonged immobility.
See: Anti-embolism stockings


1. white markings on the lower legs; in horses from the coronet to the carpus or hock and in dogs most of the leg up to the elbow or stifle.
2. populating a farm with animals.

set stocking
the livestock are left on the same pasture, in the same fields or paddocks for long periods, under range conditions often indefinitely. Compare with rotational grazing.
stocking rate
the number of livestock carried per unit of area of pasture. In order to make comparison more rational the procedure is to equate each animal in terms of a standard for the species. See also dry sheep equivalent.
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They were all in stockinged feet, to honor Kevin's newly polished parquet floors.
stroking our stockinged feet, cushioning our butts,
With the beard of a Goth or a Vandal', which he tugged vigorously when agitated, and standing six-foot two in his stockinged feet, the man 'generally admitted to be the most wonderful cricketer that ever handled a bat' must, as Simon Rae reminds us in his new biography of W.
The clerk's life includes setting up Reston's speaking tours and hotel reservations, watching football games and drinking beer with the boss in stockinged feet on weekends, researching the column and being the first to read it.
He is 71 and hobbles a little owing to long-standing hip problems but his old coach's instinct has kicked in: he rises to his stockinged feet to explain how Everton's midfielders made it work.
You crept upstairs in stockinged feet and as his back was turned, stabbed him with glancing blows and one through the back of his arm through to the front, severing his arterial vessel and spurting vast quantities of blood all over him, you and down the stairs as he went to get help.
Ronnie O'Sullivan plays in stockinged feet against Craig Steadman at the <B Crucible Theatre, for which the five-time world champion avoided a fine
Short of stature, yes, at just 5ft 4ins in his stockinged feet, but Rees could stand tall with the best courtesy of his heart, courage and underrated boxing skills.
eMp ss The singer was ordered to remove his trainers before entering the house, which is never good for someone who stands just 5ft 6in in stockinged feet.
And Murray, all 6'5" of him in his stockinged feet, is as large as they come in footballing terms.
Later in the set, alongside The Bitch Is Back, a huge pair of stockinged legs appeared, framing the screen that was showing half a dozen pole-dancing girls.