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Frederick William, U.S. ophthalmologist, 1893-1974. See: Stocker line.
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Many of the techniques that Stocker has pioneered have been copied all over the world.
Stocker learned the hard way that injured deer are difficult to handle because of their flailing legs, sharp hooves and sheer strength.
Once a condition has been identified, Stocker and his co-workers follow through by testing possible new treatments.
"This year we got most of them through," says Stocker, "It's been a very good year." The regime has since been adopted by hedgehog care organisations all over the country.
By using vasodilators, drugs that increase the blood flow to the heart and brain, Stocker and consultant vet Dr John Lewis have found that the birds' chances of recovery improve markedly.
Almost by accident Stocker discovered that by rubbing the affected area with a cream designed for the treatment of haemorrhoids in humans, long-term damage to the wing tips could be prevented
"The theory behind wild animal care is to get them back where they came from," says Stocker. A 20-year study by Dr Pat Morris shows that hedgehogs raised in captivity and released back to the wild have as much chance of survival as those raised in the wild.
Eighty per cent of the hospital's patients are released but what happens to them after that is generally, says Stocker, an "unknown quantity".
One of the things that concerns Stocker most is the destruction of wildlife habitat that continues apace to make way for human beings.