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n an article in an agreement; an agreement in writing to do a certain thing.
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Consider a case where the parties stipulate damages and custom, law, or perhaps even the contract itself leads to the conclusion that the stipulation is, or approaches the status of, an agreed-upon exclusive remedy.
On human rights, members agreed that international laws in the area and the rights of minorities should be respected but were divided on whether the Constitution should stipulate such new types of rights as one to the environment and the right to know.
Plants preheating ingot in this manner usually stipulate that the ingot be placed on the ledge "skim side down" to avoid condensation puddling in the shrinkage cavity [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
147 of 2004 stipulates that the development fee should be collected based on the value of the vehicle including the sales tax.
According to Kris Carraway, director of community development for Los Robles, the original contract with Salick stipulates that if it buys Westlake Medical, it cannot operate an acute-care hospital at the site.
We didn't want to stipulate because we have an expert who determined it is lower," he said.
The agreement does not have annual balance indicators and does not stipulate monthly supply levels, said Torobekov.
At the same time, the law should stipulate that citizens of Kyrgyzstan who were found addicted to gambling and were reported by their relatives, should not be allowed to enter casinos.
convention, countries are obliged to stipulate in domestic legislation that placing deadly devices including explosives, toxic chemical substances and biological agents in public areas, is a crime and subject to punishment.
At the hearing, under questioning from Judge Rya Zobel of the United States Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Vascular Solutions conceded that it would stipulate to desist from any further use of the mark ELT, which Diomed alleged infringes Diomed's federally-registered EVLT(R) trademark.
It also stipulates the creation of a body responsible for the publication of criteria for Islamic banking.