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n an article in an agreement; an agreement in writing to do a certain thing.
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Like Stipulate, he holds the Dante entry but is also in the Investecsponsored Derby.
The Ministry of Interior cautioned today Saudi citizens and residents traveling to Brazil that Brazilian regulations stipulate for not granting residence permits or new visas for persons inside Brazil if their previous visas expired and they do not report to the concerned authorities 30 days prior to the expiry of their previous visas regardless of the categories of their passports (regular, special or diplomatic).
The upper house members were also divided on whether to stipulate the right in the Constitution or make it operative by changing the law's interpretation.
UCC 2-725(1) allows parties to a contract to stipulate a shorter period of exposure (not less than one year) in the agreement.
Plants preheating ingot in this manner usually stipulate that the ingot be placed on the ledge "skim side down" to avoid condensation puddling in the shrinkage cavity [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
Mazel observed that in Nassau the parties stipulate to - usually - a higher rate than the state board, "And then they go try their cases.
One of the deals stipulate urgent renovation of roads and alleys in the governorate of Al-Farwaniyah, at a cost of KD 1.
At the lower end, many jurisdictions stipulate a minimum award applicable when the noncustodial parent's income level falls below the poverty level.
Other changes stipulate 7% threshold for parties to gain access to distribution of seats.
Please, at least, try to stipulate that an adequate emergency facility be maintained at the Westlake location," she wrote to the FTC.
The city did not stipulate in either of the two cases to a ratio," he said.