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n an article in an agreement; an agreement in writing to do a certain thing.
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Consider a case where the parties stipulate damages and custom, law, or perhaps even the contract itself leads to the conclusion that the stipulation is, or approaches the status of, an agreed-upon exclusive remedy.
Typically, the attorneys who are most reluctant to stipulate are also the ones who either don't understand their cases very well or don't know how to try cases.
Many operations that charge material in this manner stipulate that the material must reach a "mushy" stage before introduction into the molten pool.
We didn't want to stipulate because we have an expert who determined it is lower," he said.
convention, countries are obliged to stipulate in domestic legislation that placing deadly devices including explosives, toxic chemical substances and biological agents in public areas, is a crime and subject to punishment.
At the hearing, under questioning from Judge Rya Zobel of the United States Federal District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Vascular Solutions conceded that it would stipulate to desist from any further use of the mark ELT, which Diomed alleged infringes Diomed's federally-registered EVLT(R) trademark.
It also stipulates the creation of a body responsible for the publication of criteria for Islamic banking.
by ONA Article "1" of the decision stipulates that 5 per cent of the value of the land will be collected as fees upon registration of the sale and grant contracts from others and from non-first-kin relatives.
The legislation stipulates that those who will run for membership of provincial councils must be Jordanians since at least 10 years and at least 25-year-old.
The law stipulates that military service is incumbent on citizens who reach the age of 18 but are not older than 35.
The amendment stipulates for imposing penalties of jail time of 1 to 3 years and a fine of SYP 300,000 to 500,000 for anyone who practices medical lab work without a proper license.
The agreement stipulates the transition of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan to the next stage of integration after the Customs Union and the common economic space.