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to excite functional activity in a part.
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v. stimu·lated, stimu·lating, stimu·lates
1. To increase temporarily the activity of (a body organ or system, for example).
2. To cause to desire to have sex; arouse sexually.
3. To excite or invigorate (a person, for example) with a stimulant.
To act or serve as a stimulant or stimulus.

stim′u·lat′er, stim′u·la′tor n.
stim′u·lat′ing·ly adv.
stim′u·la′tion n.
stim′u·la′tive, stim′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Q. How does a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit help fibromyalgia. My aunt was suggested to go through TENS. Will that really help? How does a Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit help fibromyalgia?

A. ‘TENS’ units are prescribed for chronic pain sufferers and fibromyalgia patients. What is a tens unit? Tens stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. A tens unit is essentially a stimulation device consisting of electrodes that are attached to the skin, the unit itself, and a battery to provide current. A Tens unit uses electricity to block nerves from sending pain messages.

Q. Can some depression be treated with stimulantes in adults?? I was treated with dextroamphetimins in the 1970's. Why arent they used anymore? I know all of the things about addiction, so I dont need those answers. When the medication was used by me, it worked. My husband is suffereing from depression he has been given all of the "wonder" drugs No results. I hope someone can answer this for me, and for my husbands sake Thank You Shirley

A. Thank you BLars. I am going to talk to my husbands doctor when we have our appointment tomorrow..I get so tired of all of the experts who wont prescribe the right medications because of the abuse potential..CNS Stimulants were used before, and all of us that were on them when we needed them arent worse for wear..I am glad adderall is helping you.Maybe people like us need to speak out, so other patients arent afraid to ask their doctors..Have a great week!!


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It was shown that ROS-low DCs displayed a more pronounced response to TLR agonists like LPS and zymosan, followed by accelerated maturation and T cell stimulatory capacity as compared with ROS-high DCs, which showed increased MAPK signaling, adhesion and hydrogen peroxide release indicating their role in immediate microbial targeting [36].
Clinical significance and regulation of the co stimulatory molecule B7-H3 in human colorectal carcinoma.
2 flavonoids C1, C2 and C4 exerted stimulatory effect on GAGs in a dose-dependent pattern.
(2003) nevertheless reported that the highest stimulatory effect is provided by cocoons not older than two days and that the orientation of the cocoon has an effect on the number of individuals of the first generation as well as on the subsequent development of the nest.
2012), [10.sup.-8] M BPA rapidly stimulated the contraction of female myocytes, and this stimulatory effect diminished at the micromolar concentration (Figure 1E).
The user can also customize the app with the following features: various orientation locks that prevent the user from engaging in stimulatory behaviors with the video; three video and picture sizes; and a pass code function that prevents the user from skipping around to preferred aspects or events of his or her schedule.
That NAD+ has stimulatory effects on stress protein expression and autophagy, while mitochondria regenerate NAD+ from NADH, further integrates energy metabolism into proteostasis.
The total was boosted by higher corporate income tax as company earnings were spurred by the weaker yen and bolstered by higher stock prices on investments, against the backdrop of the stimulatory steps of the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, they said.
According to the IMF report, as long as central banks are free from political constraints, stimulatory monetary policy is entirely appropriate given the economic slack in most advanced economies today.
Contributors from the biological, physical, and social sciences and from philosophy and other humanities explore implications and impacts of using such technology as imaging, stimulatory and prosthetic devices, genetics, and pharmacological agents and approaches to study and improve the human neurological system.