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The company's Exfolactive is a peeling booster that helps skin restore its exfoliation capacities by stimulating the activity of skin enzymes involved in the natural process of peeling.
The last chapter of part 3, "Constructing the Plot," is dedicated to a stimulating discussion of the narrative structure of the poems examined in order to assess whether or not, or to what extent, a poem can be classified as epic.
After reading all of this stimulating talk I find I have nothing to contribute after all.
ONIONS: Stimulating effect but same problem as garlic.
Simply stated, these proposals will accord tax relief to businesses and industries that need tax relief in a balanced, fair, and administrable manner and, by stimulating job retention and growth, benefit individual taxpayers as well.
Considering the tight-knit biological relationship between myelin insulation and the axon inside, still other investigators are focusing on preventing permanent damage by stimulating myelin repair.
My charge to you this fall is to take an interest in your school library, if not for your child, then for the child who does not have a home filled with stimulating books.
He's one of the first people to receive an experimental seeing device that restores sight by artificially stimulating the brain.
(Littleton, CO; 303-794-2000) announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a patent application, entitled "Method for Purifying FSH." The application is directed to a novel method for the purification of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), a pituitary gonadotropin hormone important in the regulation of reproduction.
The biggest problem in this measurement process is typically that the ammeter measures current due to many effects, not just the stimulating voltage.
We do not believe that any one modality (barbell or machine) has a distinct advantage in stimulating lean tissue growth, enhancing strength and power, improving explosiveness, or augmenting sport-specific skill.
The book is topically arranged and revolves around several stimulating theses.