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George F., English physician, 1868-1941. See: Still disease, Still murmur, Still-Chauffard syndrome.


n an apparatus used for steam or water distillation. It comprises a vessel that contains water and aromatic plant material, a condenser that cools the vapor produced from heating the plant material, and a receiver for collecting the condensed products.
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The company said a larger still house will ensure a steady supply of whisky to meet rising demand from the ever-increasing numbers of Ardbeg fans.
Mr Learner said the stills were on "unstable plastics" for which "the dramatic degradation was not predicted".
AR mode is powered by instant motion tracking, a six degree of freedom tracking system built upon the technology that powers Motion Text in Motion Stills iOS and the privacy blur on YouTube to accurately track static and moving objects," TechCrunch quoted Google engineers Jianing Wei and Tyler Mullen from their blog post.
Google even has a bunch of more interesting creative options in Motion Stills on iOS, like an option to make cinemagraphs and add moving text, but neither of those made it to Android.
The ability to shoot video 'and' stills is important for Ori, 'That's probably the biggest reason I've always purchased DSLRs,' he said.
Within 18 months, Stills recorded its best ever year in terms of revenue, with turnover increasing by 27% from the previous year, to PS1.
Also on his computer were 382 stills and 67 movies in category B.
Doug Howarth, Fulton sales and marketing director commented: "We visited Sipsmith Distillery when they were using German electrically-powered stills but wanted to install a gas-fired steam boiler for their new, larger premises.
Opening with Carry On from their classic Deja Vu album, the first half was packed with classic Crosby Stills and Nash songs with understandably the pop-tinged Marrakesh Express and fan favourite, Our House, getting the biggest response.
Crosby, Stills & Nash revs the local concert scene tonight, March 16, 8 p.
Shooting from the top of Monument, Castle Keep, and the Baltic to name a few locations, the film Newcastle in Motion is comprised of more than 6,000 individual stills, chosen from more than 10,000 stills he shot while making the three-and-a-half minute movie.
The distiller, based on the banks of Bassenthwaite Lake in Cumbria, has taken delivery of three copper stills.