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George F., English physician, 1868-1941. See: Still disease, Still murmur, Still-Chauffard syndrome.


n an apparatus used for steam or water distillation. It comprises a vessel that contains water and aromatic plant material, a condenser that cools the vapor produced from heating the plant material, and a receiver for collecting the condensed products.
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This paper is about atmosphere and stillness in the St James Barton Roundabout, a small public space in the city of Bristol (UK) known as 'the Bearpit'.
Speaking about his own experiences as a travel writer who is constantly globe-trotting, Iyer said, "I find that the more I move, the more I need stillness, just to make sense of my movements.
The Art of Stillness offers health and happiness as the main rewards of stillness.
In The Simplicity of Stillness Method, Karlin shares more than a decade of case studies of clients who have used the Stillness SessionsA[R] Technology -- relaxing music and words programmed with vibrational frequencies (included in the book) -- to recover from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other illnesses through the activation of advanced meditative states, releasing blocked cellular memory, and naturally rewiring the cells in the body and brain for healing and wholeness.
A wall installation of woodfired stoneware tiles and brightly glazed shallow porcelain bowls created a lyrical sense of movement in the stillness of the East gallery.
When they die within a form or a pattern, their status of stillness still conveys a meaningful idea to the outside world within that special pattern.
Although the debate on stasis and kinesis is as old as art history, the authors emphasise the need to recontextualise the symbiosis between stillness and motion to the unprecedented technological advancements in cultural production (cinema).
Look at the beauty of all that exist so gracefully around you -the stillness of the elegant trees, the buzzing bees, the chirping birds, and a myriad of other wonders of nature.
It is not a case of taking a break, but rather that politicians, like other people, get very little stillness in their lives.
I'VE BEEN HAVING A DIFFICULT TIME SITTING still to write about stillness.
There is an almost unbearable tension between the stillness of memory and the vibrancy of life.
SILENCE AND STILLNESS WALKED the banks of a river I knew as a child, In places of industry there were weeds growing wild Where once was a slipway, that door to the Tyne, Was now silence and stillness of the dole-maker's design It is hard to believe that those skills handed down In the deep pool of the jobless as a backwater to drown No longer the staccato rap of the river driven in Like the welders dark sky flash, now consigned to the bin That dinner time hoots that called men to eat Played hours later to the sound of exiting feet A skyline once filled with the movement of cranes Now completely removed not even rusting remains Perhaps old men now stand with tears in the eye And ponder the questions "how?