stillborn infant

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still·born in·'fant

an infant who has achieved 20 weeks of gestation and shows no evidence of life after birth. Compare: liveborn infant.

still·born in·fant

(stil'bōrn in'fănt)
A newborn who shows no evidence of life after birth.
Compare: liveborn infant
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The scar of Farewell ultimately connects the individual death of an infant with the collective deaths of modern warfare, illustrating that the choking death of Hemingway's stillborn infant is not a gratuitous symbol after all.
The replacement of "bundles" with "the most valuable things"--whereof an infant is the most valuable of all--establishes a metonymic relation between "bundle," "the most valuable things" and the stillborn infant who neither moves nor cries when Frederic sees him for the first time (325).
The three other women who had stillborn infants from the urban area reported receiving neither support nor comfort from health providers; they were sent home soon after finding out that their babies had died and were told simply to come back the following day for delivery of the dead infant.
Anatomy of the facial nerve in fetuses and stillborn infants.
Tissues from stillborn infants in Atlanta during the mid-1960s--prior to the 1972 phaseout of DDT in the United States--contained DDE concentrations as high as 650 ppb in the brain, 850 ppb in the lung, 2,740 ppb in the heart, and 3,570 ppb in the kidney, Kelce's team notes.
If one adds the enormous number of stillborn infants and maternal deaths to this list, it exposes the deplorable state of health care delivery in Pakistan.
3) presented data on adipose tissue and liver from 3 stillborn infants and 17 infants who had died from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
As part of a study to document prevalence of maternal syphilis in Bolivia, we assessed the histopathologic features of umbilical cords in a cohort of live-born and stillborn infants of women with syphilis and a sample of infants born to women without syphilis.
Of the 66 women with syphilis, 6(9%) had stillborn infants, 1 had marked funisitis with spirochetes demonstrated by both DFA and IHC, 1 had mild funisitis with a positive DFA, and 4 had normal umbilical cord histopathologic features with no spirochetes noted on IHC or DFA.