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George F., English physician, 1868-1941. See: Still disease, Still murmur, Still-Chauffard syndrome.


n an apparatus used for steam or water distillation. It comprises a vessel that contains water and aromatic plant material, a condenser that cools the vapor produced from heating the plant material, and a receiver for collecting the condensed products.
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Doug Howarth, Fulton sales and marketing director commented: "We visited Sipsmith Distillery when they were using German electrically-powered stills but wanted to install a gas-fired steam boiler for their new, larger premises.
Each member brings something different to the table and these attributes were described quite succinctly by a very funny David Crosby, Stills he said was the group's rocker, while Nash's pop sensibility helped write songs that people liked to sing, while Crosby himself wrote the "weird sh*t".
How you feel about those painstaking, hurting surfaces, so opposed to the various kinds of ease and flow represented by de Kooning, Newman, Pollock, and Rothko, will probably determine how you feel about Still in general.
Tickets for the Crosby, Stills and Nash SECC gig - priced pounds 45 - are on sale now from: 0844 395 4000 or www.
Berry, for instance, praises Still for "his superb storytelling, the richness and subtlety of his understanding of character, and his extraordinary clarity of feeling," and for a prose style that has "the economy, liveliness, and density of poetry" (229).
These stills enable the annual production of ten thousand gallons of ethanol for home-based stills and ten million gallons for larger commercial based stills.
Heartland is exclusively selling and marketing Dogwood's full line of ethanol stills and related ethanol products in the Louisiana territory.
And there is still 6 Gigabytes of hard-disk space left to store hours if not days of music.
I could do it with stills and voice-over, like La Jetee or This Is a Photograph, only way more juvenile.
Fleeing for Freedom: Stories of the Underground Railroad As Told by Levi Coffin and William Still Edited by George and Willene Hendrick, Ivan R.
Fleeing for Freedom; stories of the Underground Railroad, as told by Levi Coffin & William Still.