The parent substance of sitosterol.
Synonym(s): sitostane
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Results: Three friedelolactones with naturally occurring seco-ring-A friedelane triterpenoids, 2/l-hydroxy-3, 4-seco-friedelolactone-27-oic acid (1), 2[beta], 2[beta]-dihydroxy-3,4-seco-friedelolactone-27-oic acid (2) and 2[beta], 30[beta]-dihydroxy-3,4-seco-friedelolactone-27-lactone (3), and a stigmastane, stigmast-25-ene- 3[beta],5[alpha],6[beta]-triol (11) together with nine known compounds were isolated from the whole plant of Viola diffusa G.
A new stigmastane type steroidal alkaloid 4-acetoxy-plakinamine B isolated from a Thai marine sponge Corticium sp.
(5) These steroids have stigmastane (C29), cholestane (C27) and ergostane (C28) skeletons, respectively.
The more common structural types are: colestane, stigmastane and ergostane, apart from the Crassulaceae family which produces highly oxydised bufadienolides.