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[AS. stif]
Rigid, firm, inflexible.
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Q. can acupuncture help neck stiffness? I have neck pain- especially stiffness every week- once or twice. Try a lot of things but always comes back. Can acupuncture help? tell me please because if not- I dont want to put needles for nothing...

A. Acupuncture can fix most cases of neck pain, usually in 3-5 treatments. Most neck pain is due to muscular tightness, and acupuncture is very effective at releasing contracted muscles.

here's an article on Acupuncture for Back Pain:

The treatment of neck pain is very similar. There are very few cases of side effects with acupuncture. However, if you experience consistent pain that get progressively worse, you should visit your MD for x-rays and an MRI to rule out any structural problems (bone spurs, disc degeneration, tumors, etc).

Q. I received a corticosteroid injection in my left knne th A.M. Knee is all stiff & swollen. Is this normal?

A. actually you might have already had an arthritis in your knee before, then your doctor injected you with a corticosteroid into the affected joint. usually you will feel better (less pain) in your affected joint. if the symptoms don't improve then I suggest you to go see your specialist for further advise and treatment.

Q. i cant stop getting a hard on erection stiffy embarrassing crease in trousers

A. Have you heard of priapism,a condition in which the penis is continually erect; usually painful and seldom with sexual arousal. If you suffer from this you should go see a doctor about it.

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The dying man beat a tattoo on the hatch with his heels, straightened out his legs, and stiffened in one great tense effort, and rolled his head from side to side.
THE arteries of teenagers who drink alcohol and smoke, even occasionally, are already beginning to stiffen by the age of 17, according to research.
A new study from the UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science says that the arteries of teenagers who drink alcohol and smoke, even very occasionally, are already beginning to stiffen by age 17.
The amendment would stiffen the penalty on some of the crimes committed against minors, women or persons with physical or mental disability, and deny custody for the perpetrators of such crimes.
The main immediate consequence of arterial stiffening is a steady rise in blood pressure, which contributes to destructive changes that further stiffen arteries--creating a vicious cycle.
[USA], July 1 (ANI): Parents, you may want to do something about your kids' extra kilos as a recent study has found that high blood pressure in overweight children can stiffen their arteries in adolescence.
Investigations show that virtually all high-diene elastomers, including NR and BR, stiffen over time during storage at ambient conditions, as well as at elevated temperatures.
You can combine excrcises, loosening your neck and hips at the same time 5 NECKS stiffen if not exercised, so regular relaxation exercises keep your neck supple.
Mechanical tests were not performed in AD because exactly the same stimulation as the present one is known to stiffen AD of the present starfish (Motokawa, 2011).
The Journal also said the draft would "stiffen" sanctions that allow suspicious Iranian cargo to be searched and seized.
The move is one of a raft of proposed changes to stiffen the sentencing system due to be outlined by the Home Office on Wednesday.