sticky ends

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sticky ends

Complementary single strands of DNA protruding from the ends of a DNA fragment as a result of the cleaving of each half of the double helix at different points near to each other. Sticky ends readily provide attachment points for other pieces of DNA or for further DNA synthesis.
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Fig. 113 Cohesive ends . Formation of recombinant cloning vector using cohesive ends.

cohesive ends


‘sticky’ ends

overlapping COMPLEMENTARY single strands at the termini of double-stranded DNA molecules that can stick the two ends of the molecule (or the ends of different molecules) together by COMPLEMENTARY BASE PAIRING. Cohesive ends are often generated by digesting DNA molecules with the same RESTRICTION ENZYME. Cohesive ends provide a means of sticking insert DNA to VECTOR in the construction of recombinant cloning vectors for GENE CLONING.
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They found that if they lowered the temperature very rapidly, these sticky ends fold up on the particle-before they can bind to sticky ends on other particles.
DNA ligases then join the DNA molecules with "sticky ends" to bacterial plasmids that also have been cleaved by restriction enzymes.
First, the scientists engineered a molecule to have two sticky ends and a middle section that breaks apart when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays.