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Gunnar B., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Stickler syndrome.
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The interference of the partners in the business of the ship, also, was not calculated to have a favorable effect on a stickler for authority like himself, especially in his actual state of feeling towards them.
The cellars were filled with burgundy then, the kennels with hounds, and the stables with gallant hunters; now, such horses as Queen's Crawley possessed went to plough, or ran in the Trafalgar Coach; and it was with a team of these very horses, on an off-day, that Miss Sharp was brought to the Hall; for boor as he was, Sir Pitt was a stickler for his dignity while at home, and seldom drove out but with four horses, and though he dined off boiled mutton, had always three footmen to serve it.
Ah," said Morcerf, "I see you are a stickler for forms, my dear sir, and you would remind me that the ceremonial rites should not be omitted.
Saw Doctors ROBIN 2, WOLVERHAMPTON ST Patrick's Day came more than a month late to the Robin - but the Irish have never really been sticklers for time-keeping.
and we know there will be plenty of sticklers looking for costume and casting precision and story line tweaks.