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Gunnar B., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Stickler syndrome.
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The suspected fraud and theft, however, had been initially detected by employees who worked with Stickler at the credit union's New Castle branch.
RxWiki Inc, a Digital Health company connecting community pharmacies and patients through its Digital Pharmacist SaaS platform, announced yesterday that it has named Alan Stickler as its new chief information officer, effective 8 August 2016.
For our second entry, we spoke to FLiP member Shannon Stickler, market development manager at Printpack.
David Stickler was in shock in August when he took over the biggest economic development project in state history --construction of the Big River Steel mill outside Osceola in Mississippi County, a $700 million construction job that broke ground in September 2014.
Instead Councillor Jon Hunt, a former journalist and stickler for correct grammar, has written "Who're you gonna call?
A man family say touched hundreds of lives and was a stickler for safety.
NEW Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal is such a stickler for discipline he orders his players to sit up straight during meal times.
gov/condition/stickler-syndrome) had Stickler syndrome , a genetic characterized by distinctive facial appearance, eye abnormalities, hearing loss, and joint problems.
Stickler syndrome is by far the most common identifiable cause of cleft palate.
Betfair punter Chris Stickler from Cardiff staked just pounds 3.
The Don, who retired in 1980, had more than 18 years at the helm and was a noted disciplinarian and a stickler for uniforms.
The fast-growing company was formed in October 2004 by award-winning animation directors, Aron Rhys Evans and Owen Stickler.