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Nursing verb To perform a venipuncture


[Shortening of for needlestick]
A colloquial term for puncture, esp. the puncturing of the skin or a blood vessel.

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Q. I was confused, is he really sticking to diet? My friend is following Fixed-menu diet which I didn’t hear before. He told that he is in diet but he is taking some of the food which he likes. I was confused, is he really sticking to diet?

A. Of course, your friend may be under diet control. I will tell you what fixed menu diet means? A fixed-menu diet provides a list of all the foods you will eat. The merits of this kind of diet are that it can be easy to follow because the foods are selected for you. However the demerit of this type of diet is that you get only few varieties of food which will make the diet boring and it will be hard to follow. If you start with a fixed-menu diet, it is easy to follow.

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All successive rulers sticked to this policy," Prince Salman said.
The evaporation of filtrate resulted in the form of dried residues which sticked to the walls of the rotary flask.
And Jason Robinson was taken to hospital unable to see out of one eye after he was sticked in the face by a Stingrays player.
Because the inner wall was sticked to the mandrel, the hoop stress was maximal in the inner wall and gradually decreased from the inner wall to the outer wall during the mandrel rotation, resulting in the different orientation at various positions across the pipe.
In our workplace we would like to make antinoise panels based on crushed plastic boards of PCBs sticked by special adhesive mixture.
he shewed that his affection to his friend prevailed above his own judgement, and above his love to his mistress, for he sticked not to express to some that were about him that he saw no other reason for his sudden departure [.
Over the past years, China Shenhua sticked to the goal of building an enterprise incorporating the Five-Model of intrinsic safety, quality and efficiency, technological innovation, resource saving and harmonious development and incorporated social responsibilities into the whole process of corporate strategic, cultural, production and operation activities.
Cairo, May16, (VOI)-The director of presidency board office on Friday said the government scapped the plan of trimming the cabinet as major parliamentary blocs staunchly sticked to their ministry shares.