sternal cartilage

ster·nal car·ti·lage

a costal cartilage of one of the true ribs.
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For instance, sales of products promising joint relief are on the rise, aided by the launch of products featuring UC-II, a natural source of collagen that comes from chicken sternal cartilage and, once purified and encapsulated, has been increasingly used in a variety of dietary supplements.
Furthermore, recent research on hydrolysed collagen and GAGs has suggested that hydrolysed chicken sternal cartilage extract containing LMW GAGs, as well as hydrolysed collagen type II (MW of 1.
A separate study, which used human subjects, demonstrated that hydrolysis of the chicken sternal cartilage not only reduced the MW of the collagen type II but also depolymerized the HA (a macromolecule with a native MW that ranges higher than 1x106 Da) into shorter chain LMW fragments.
Fourth, hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage extract was shown to inhibit hyaluronidase in vitro, in a dose-dependent manner (Figure 2).