sternal branches of internal thoracic artery

(redirected from sternal arteries)

ster·nal branch·es of in·ter·nal tho·rac·ic ar·ter·y

branches of internal thoracic artery that pass medially to supply the transversus thoracis muscle and posterior sternum.
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In conclusion, the increase in hemolymph flow through the anterolateral and sternal arteries of Callinectes sapidus (McGaw and McMahon, 1998), and the concurrent decrease in the same arteries of Cancer magister (McGaw and McMahon, 1996), is a result of change in blood demand, probably caused by a combination of alterations in mouthpart movement and in mouthpart and antennae/antennule cleaning, with changes in locomotor activity having a lesser effect [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 2-5 OMITTED].
A short-term increase followed by longer-term decreases and pauses in hemolymph flow occurs in the anterior aorta and the lateral and sternal arteries.