sterile technique

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1. infertile (see infertility).
sterile technique aseptic technique.
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As Dokdonella species are usually isolated from the soil [13], we postulated that our patient likely acquired the infection through contamination given that he performed the peritoneal dialysis exchange himself at home with an episode of sterile technique breach and also had a history of frequent gardening.
The HCGH ICU team began using pre-sorted bundles of equipment and supplies, including sterile materials for both the patient and care giver, as well as a check list which helps ensure staff maintain appropriate hand hygiene and follow the proper sterile technique. The success of the ICU program led to its expansion hospital wide in January 2010 to include all patients with central lines.
For a start the plastic surgeon's sterile technique left much to be desired (this is the nurse speaking)!
All surgical procedures including castrations should be done only with the pigs anesthetized and using sterile technique".
Intermittent urinary catheterization using clean technique and use of clean multiuse catheters have been demonstrated not to be associated with a greater risk of C-UTI than use of sterile technique and single-use catheters.
A training program should be reviewed and implemented whereby clean hands and sterile technique of insertion and maintenance are key.
They zeroed in on those that often are preventable, like a serious bloodstream infection that occurs because of a lapse in sterile technique during surgery, and discovered that the cost of such infections can be quite high.
Sterile technique was used for all line insertions.
The creation of video surgery is as revolutionary to this century as the development of anaesthesia and sterile technique was to the last one.
Two days after symptom onset for patients A and B, the hospital and NYSDOH conducted an investigation, which included a site visit, active case finding, cultures of two bags of anesthetic medication for epidural infusion prepared using sterile technique under a laminar flow hood by the hospital pharmacy on the same date as the medication administered to patients A and B during their procedures, onsite review of combined spinal-epidural anesthesia procedure protocols, and interviews with the pharmacist and members of the medical staff and labor and delivery nursing staff.
* The ability to be applied in 3 steps with no special training: remove the hemostatic pad from the packaging and place it into the sterile field using sterile technique; place the pad on the puncture site and manual pressure is applied for at least 5 min.