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I explained to my sister that I was familiar with sterile technique and had the supplies for doing the check, and that while I had some idea about what I would be looking for, I was not certain we could put a lot of stock in my assessment.
This article offers a relatively simple, repeatable exercise in tissue culture that begins to expose students to sterile technique and allows them to observe individual cells in culture.
The heat-exchange catheter is placed in the standard manner for central line placement, preferably via the subclavian or jugular vein, using sterile technique.
Hepatitis C can be passed on through tattooing by reuse of needles or dye, inadequate sterilization of needles between customers, or breaks in sterile technique, such as the artist pricking the back of his or her hand to test the needle's sharpness.
The women about to perform the exam sat at our left or right sides and donned gloves, using sterile technique (many for the first time) and when ready, we began.
The health care professional removes the hemostatic pad from the packaging and places it into the sterile field using sterile technique.
Additionally, the individuals administering the procedure are frequently unskilled in sterile technique, the ingredients used in the treatment are untested and the procedure remains unregulated.
Mladick's procedure, combining insertion of saline implants under the breast muscle with a sterile technique that significantly reduces the risk of tissue contracture and infection, resolves those complications.
You will be taught such practical skills as taking a comprehensive history relevant to pregnancy with an eye to lessening psychological as well as physical risk factors, assessing vital signs during labor, sterile technique, urinalysis, fetal palpation, basic vaginal examination, monitoring fetal heart tones, and examining the placenta.
We know that quantifiable benefits can be achieved, both in terms of lives saved and costs reduced, through a heightened emphasis on sterile technique and infection protection and leading to a decreased rate of CRBSI.
an online video demonstrating drug preparation concepts and techniques -- an educational manual that reinforces concepts described in the online video and provides additional information about handling and preparing hazardous drugs -- a sterile technique validation kit, which is a self-assessment tool for hands-on testing of drug preparation skills.