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A sterilizing agent.
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(stĕr′ĭ-lănt) [L. sterilis, barren]
Any agent used to render objects free of living or potentially infectious organisms.
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Q. Is it good to put alcohol on burns? If I get a burn- should I sterilize it with alcohol to prevent infections?

A. Tiffany is to avoid alcohol. the treatment depends on the severity of the burn. here is a pamphlet about dealing with burns. very helpful!

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UV15DC80Med is capable of withstanding liquid sterilants, radiation and autoclaving.
This compound withstands liquid sterilants, gamma radiation and EtO very well.
Employing N[O.sub.2] gas as a sterilant offers unique benefits over traditional sterilization techniques.
This medical grade system withstands sterilization methods such as gamma radiation, EtO, and various chemical sterilants.
This medical-grade system withstands sterilization methods, such as gamma radiation, EtO and chemical sterilants. Optically clear, it cures fully tack-free upon exposure to a 405 nm wavelength light source without any oxygen inhibition.
The SteriTite container is completely sealed with no gaps, forcing steam and other sterilants to enter the container through the filtered perforated vents for maximum sterility maintenance and protection of contents.
This edition has content on packaging materials and sterilants; aseptic bulk packaging, with a historical perspective and an update on the current state of bulk packaging in containers ranging from several gallons to several millions of gallons; aseptic processing operations, including the processing of products and operation of packaging systems; failure mode effect analysis and spoilage troubleshooting; processing of particulate foods, including the use of the microwave for heating and technology to monitor and develop processes; and contract manufacturers and their role in introducing new products to market.
Gates announced that her newest project will be to provide artificial sterilants and abortifacients to poor women in the Third World at the cost of $4 billion.
Mario Signorelli, the CEO of PosiGrip, stated that "While chemicals in the past have been effective in the short term preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, today's chemicals, disinfectants and sterilants are the main cause in the trend of microorganisms and their mutation currently creating today's Superbugs.
The runners-up in the "Lie of the Year" contest include: a claim by Glenn Beck that John Holdren, a science adviser to President Barack Obama, proposed forcing abortions and sterilants on the U.S.
Since no chemicals are used, there is no need to rinse or dry the material and no risk of residual chemical sterilants contaminating the packaged product, AEB says.
Bonds are resistant to water, oil, and many organic solvents, as well as to cold sterilants, ETO, and gamma radiation.