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A sterilizing agent.
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(stĕr′ĭ-lănt) [L. sterilis, barren]
Any agent used to render objects free of living or potentially infectious organisms.
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Q. Is it good to put alcohol on burns? If I get a burn- should I sterilize it with alcohol to prevent infections?

A. Tiffany is to avoid alcohol. the treatment depends on the severity of the burn. here is a pamphlet about dealing with burns. very helpful!

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The principle of these systems is that Sterilant is forced through a nozzle under pressure which atomizes the Sterilant into micron size particles to produce a dry fog.
Additionally, there are no harmful sterilant residuals, and no lengthy post-sterilization aeration needed.
(6) These extra ports are beneficial in that they increase diagnostic capability, but they also increase the surface area that is exposed to a chemical sterilant. It is theoretically possible for retained product to be irrigated into a patient through one of these channels.
The cleaning routine involves a pre-rinse using water recovered from the final rinse, a hot wash with a 1% caustic solution, an intermediate rinse with fresh water and a sterilant phase followed by the final rinse using fresh water.
After fermentation, the researchers bottled samples with a cold sterilant and kept them refrigerated.
Anyway, the affected area has had a strong dose of Jeyes Fluid solution as a soil sterilant, and will get another blast later on before winter digging with a solution of Armillatox.
"The three-step method has applications for an important commercial segment that needs testing and evaluation of decontaminant, sporicidal and sterilant agents for defense, food processing and medical applications, as well as for bactericidal soaps, lotions, cleaners, paints and many other products for household and commercial use that can involve microbicidal activity," said Sagripanti.
In 1988, EPA registered chlorine dioxide gas as a sterilant. Chlorine dioxide kills microorganisms by disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell wall of the microbes.
ADRIENNE SAYS: Due to change in European legislation it will be illegal to use the soil sterilant Jeyes Fluid and the honey fungus control Armillatox as pesticides after July 24.
For instance, by carefully analyzing its techniques, Dartmouth-Hitchcock officials have reduced the number of items and procedures for which it needs to use ethylene oxide, a sterilant that is a known carcinogen and reproductive toxicant, from 527 to 14.
The antimicrobial activity of this new sterilant has been tested against bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores (13-15).