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, pl.


(ste-rig'mă, -mă-tă),
A slender, pointed structure arising from a basidium upon which a basidiospore will develop.
[G. stērigma, a support]


n. pl. sterig·mata (-mə-tə)
A slender projection of the basidium of some fungi that bears a basidiospore.

ster′ig·mat′ic (stĕr′ĭg-măt′ĭk, stîr′-) adj.
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Basidia 30.0-40.0 x 6.2-7.2 [micro]m, clavate to subclavate, 4-sterigmate, with basal clamp; sterigmata up to 6.8 [micro]m long.
Basidia 29.0-34.0 x 6.2-8.0 [micro]m, clavate, often constricted to somewhat sinuous, with oily contents, 4-sterigmate, with basal clamp; sterigmata up to 5.0 [micro]m long.
Basidia 23.0-26.0 x 6.6-7.0 [micro]m, clavate to subclavate, frequently with secondary septa, 4-sterigmate, with basal clamp; sterigmata up to 5.2 [micro]m long.
Basidia 23.0-32.0 x 7.4-8.8 [micro]m, clavate to subclavate, 4-sterigmate, with basal clamp; sterigmata up to 5.0 [micro]m long.
8 A conidiophore carries a distinctive sterigmata characteristic of this fungus.
1-9 septate conidiophores mounted monoserriate sterigmata. Bar 10 [micro]m in the pictures (1) are the same for all images
1-9 septate conidiophores mounted biserriate sterigmata and symmetrical.
The vesicles were hemispherical in shape, small, globose and flattened at the apical part, and diameters ranging from 8.0-12.0 m, with uniseriate and biseriate sterigmata. Conidia were light brown in color, globose and rough walled and measuring 3.0-4.0 m in diameter (Fig.
Hymenium thickening; basidia 23-28 X 6-7 [micro]m, clavate, clamped, yellowish and somewhat refringent under phase contrast; contents homogeneous or with minute granules or guttules, especially proximally; sterigmata 4, slender, more or less straight.
Hymenium thickened; basidia 50-57 X 8-11 [micro]m, clavate, clamped, thin- to thick-walled (wall up to 0.4 [micro]m thick), multiguttulate when young, less so by maturity; sterigmata four, up to 8 [micro]m long, subcomute.
Hymenium thickened significantly; basidia 40-50 X 7-9 [micro]m, clavate, clamped; contents homogeneous at all ages; sterigmata 4, up to 7 [micro]m long, slender, slightly incurved.