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, pl.


(ste-rig'mă, -mă-tă),
A slender, pointed structure arising from a basidium upon which a basidiospore will develop.
[G. stērigma, a support]


n. pl. sterig·mata (-mə-tə)
A slender projection of the basidium of some fungi that bears a basidiospore.

ster′ig·mat′ic (stĕr′ĭg-măt′ĭk, stîr′-) adj.
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8 A conidiophore carries a distinctive sterigmata characteristic of this fungus.
1-9 septate conidiophores mounted monoserriate sterigmata.
1-9 septate conidiophores mounted biserriate sterigmata and symmetrical.
Germination with phragmobasidia forming basidiospores on short sterigmata.
The measurements of spores, basidia, cystidia and sterigmata were taken and drawings were made with the aid of a camera lucida.
Basidia 60-85 X 8-11 [micro]m, clavate, attenuate below, clamped, multiguttulate when mature; sterigmata 4, long, curved-divergent.
Hymenium thickening; basidia 23-28 X 6-7 [micro]m, clavate, clamped, yellowish and somewhat refringent under phase contrast; contents homogeneous or with minute granules or guttules, especially proximally; sterigmata 4, slender, more or less straight.
0 um, 4-spored, clavate to cylindrical, hyaline to pale yellow in 5% KOH, oil contents present, sterigmata sharp, clamp connections at basidial base.