steric hindrance

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ster·ic hin·drance

interference with or inhibition of a seemingly feasible reaction (usually synthetic) because the size of one or another reactant prevents approach to the required interatomic distance.
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Really long probes also don't work well; they have increased likelihood of binding to partial matches, and they can start to have physical steric hindrance or homodimer interactions, such as hairpin formation, that make them poorly available to interact with sample in the liquid phase.
This kind of protection avoids the colloid coagulation by acting through steric hindrance rather than ionic repulsion, normally related to the colloid stability.
Though the secondary amine can react with additional epoxide rings, as a result of steric hindrance and mixing constraints, residual hydrophilic amines (both primary and secondary) will be present in the film.
Since both valine and phenylalanine are hydrophobic amino acids, these unfavorable interactions may cause a steric hindrance effect in the C2 domain, which may affect its stability or conformation and potentially its interaction with von Willebrand Factor (VWF) and/or phospholipids.
Scientists at the University of Kentucky tested their hypothesis that steric hindrance and interfacial myofibrillar proteins, when compared with the continuous phase, can more effectively protect oil droplets against oxidative changes.
The structure activity relationship (SAR) study demonstrated that complexation, steric hindrance, position of substituents, electron density around metal centre, hydrogen bonding and coordination mode of complexed ligands play prime role in modulating the biological activities of complexes.
In the small intestine, the macromolecules cannot permeate through tight junctions of the intestinal cell wall because of multiple factors, including molecular size and steric hindrance effects, and are vulnerable to further enzymatic and hydrolytic degradation.
The trends with the alcohols follow the trends of the isocyanates where the lower steric hindrance of reactive moieties leads to larger heats of reaction.
The good ductility and low steric hindrance of the methyl groups coupled with the chemical inertness of the phenyl groups yields coatings with utmost endurance to aggressive chemicals and, above all, that are suitable as corrosion retardants on sensitive steel substrates.
The dispersibility of the composite nanoparticles is expected to be enhanced by the electrostatic repulsive force and steric hindrance of the PEI polymers [13].
Strong steric hindrance is expected for the [pi] Ru complex with the internal double bond in the grandiflorenic substrate, leading to no hydrogenation of this internal double bond.
antibodies) very unlikely because of steric hindrance that occurs following binding of a hapten to one binding protein.