stereotactic surgery

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A precise method of identifying nonvisualized anatomic structures by use of three-dimensional coordinates; more frequently used for brain and spinal surgery.
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A precise method of destroying deep-seated brain structures located by use of three-dimensional coordinates.
Synonym(s): stereoencephalotomy, stereotactic surgery, stereotaxic surgery, stereotaxis (3) .
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In 1957, he established a private clinic for stereotactic surgery which became a well-known research centre for movement disorders.
Stimulation is achieved with electrodes implanted stereotactically in the subthalamic nucleus by a neurosurgeon specializing in stereotactic surgery and a team composed of an anesthesiologist, a neurophysiologist, certified nurses and nurse practitioners and, at some centers, a neurologist.
Among the medical problems NASS physicians treat are: (spine) herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, fusion/instrumentation, fractures, spinal tumors, and kyphoplasty/vertebroplasty; (brain-cerebrovascular) carotid endarterectomy, cerebral aneurysm, AVM; (brain-oncologic) brain tumors, stereotactic surgery, stereotactic radiosurgery/X-ray knife; (brain-hydrocephalus) venticuloperitoneal shunt, colloid cyst; (brain-miscellaneous) head trauma, subdural hematoma, chiari malformation; (peripheral nerve) carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve transposition, nerve sheath tumors, thoracic outlet syndrome; (pain and spasticity) spinal stimulator, morphine pump, and baclofen pump.
The Magnetic Surgery System may prove to be a significant improvement over current stereotactic surgery. Presently, surgeons visualize the location of a brain tumor through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology, but must manually guide surgical instruments on a straight-line path to the target location, possibly passing through and damaging vital brain tissue.
Technological advances have made it possible to implant neuro stimulation devices with or without stereotactic surgery to treat a wide range of neurological symptoms as well as to provide relief to patients by means of cochlear implants, cortical and deep brain stimulators, and systems for spinal cord, vagus, and gastric nerve stimulation.
He first installed CT and MRI which was followed by Gamma Knife for stereotactic surgery. Now he has taken the initiative of installing the 64 slice PET scan making all these sophisticated diagnostic facilities available under one roof.

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