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A stereoscopic x-ray apparatus.
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In this respect the development of cameras suitably compact for field use owes much to stereography.
BEST 3D STEREOGRAPHY - LIVE ACTION: "TRON: Legacy" The Walt Disney Studios
The powerful stereography tool set in OSD also has been extended, offering industry-leading quality for real-time stereo ProRes, ARRIRAW(TM), and R3D EPIC support.
Cameron, won seven (7) of the International 3D Society's Lumiere[TM] Awards at its 2010 ceremony, including honors for Best Live Action Feature, Best Stereography, and Best Visual Effects.
The July seminar will concentrate on 3D theory and applications related to basic capture and stereography concepts; shooting sporting and live events; and budgeting and workflow.
In combination with other visual techniques such as color and composition, stereography (if used wisely) can enhance mood, evoke emotion, and draw an audience further into a film's story.