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A stereoscopic x-ray apparatus.
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When she got back to Lebanon, she printed out one of the stereographs she had seen at the Library of Congress and placed it into the glasses.
Hart stereographs and of vintage telegraphy equipment with a hands-on electronic station using the 'Morster' application for iPhones and iPads.
In the preface to Animals in Motion, Muybridge describes how he divided the paired images of the stereo negatives and placed them in two zoetropes that were geared together: "the respective halves of the stereographs were made simultaneously visible, by means of mirrors--arranged on the principle of Wheatstone's reflecting stereoscope--successively and intermittently, through the perforations in the cylinders of the instruments, with the result of a very satisfactory reproduction of an apparently solid miniature horse trotting, and of another galloping" (2-3).
vision of stereographs of rationally dressed women hiking in country
The reader sees the same views of Bruges that were distributed by L[acute{e}]vy and Neurdein as postcards, stereographs, or album-size prints.
The earliest pictures were stereographs taken in the 1860s and '70s by a studio in Concord.
In the years before the popularization of photography, many Americans owned stereoscopes; and purchased sets of stereographs that enabled them to view the landscape and sites of Palestine and to travel vicariously to the Holy Land.
His Big Tree stereographs posed tiny figures, probably including the Mariposa guide, Galen Clark, against the immense trunk and captured the heroically mutilated quality of the "Grizzly Giant," storm-racked but defiant and enduring, a perfect emblem for the American public on the brink of the Civil War: a botanical Fort Sumter.
By 1917 the Keystone View Company, a major source of lantern slides and stereographs for school use, became concerned about competition from the newer teaching films.
The goals of the association are to promote the study, collection and use of stereographs, stereo cameras and related materials; to provide a forum for collectors and students of stereoscopic history; to promote the practice of stereo photography; to encourage the use of stereoscopy in the fields of visual arts and technology; to foster the appreciation of the stereograph as a visual historical record and to provide for the O.
The collection includes the earliest type of photographs, known as daguerreotypes, as well as the splendidly-titled wet collodion positives, albumen prints, stereographs, carbon, gum platinum, bromoil and gelatin silver prints, and lantern slides.
Armchair Traveler embraces virtual travel from the easy chair through a myriad of special 3-D effects, including the stereoscope and stereographs, as well as View-Masters with their accompanying reels.