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A stereoscopic x-ray apparatus.
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Several were only recently discovered, nested within a larger 1873 series of stereographs Muybridge made documenting the Modoc Wars (Solnit, "Tangles" 184).
Viewing a series of stereographs as a panorama seems to undermine panoramic coherence, pulling the viewer in and out of multiple views rather than opening one overarching view.
The explicit visual continuity that stereopanoramas staged across stereographs compressed the temporal and spatial relationships that conventionally organized a set of stereo views as a "tour.
They were accustomed to viewing stereographs in series, flipping through a stack of cards placed in the tray of a stereoscope or cranking through views placed in the cartridge of a stereoviewer designed just for this purpose.
Emphasizing that stereographs were most often viewed as series, Rebecca Solnit identifies the stereopanorama with a shift from the spatial effects of panoramic representation to the temporal effects of cinema.
Reconsidering the stereoscope, we see that the way a stereograph synthesizes two photographs into an impression of spatial relief closely relates to the way cinema synthesizes film frames into an impression of temporal relief.
The paired images of a stereograph were captured from slightly different vantage points meant to coordinate with the perspectival difference between each of a viewer's two eyes.
Stereographs also record various aspects of the life of indigenous peoples, some of whom were already starting to disappear as early as the time of the first stereographers.
At a time when ethnoarchaeology is well established, and there is an increasing interest in how traditional crafts were practised, these antique stereographs can be especially valuable.
We have the added advantage that the largest commercial manufacturers of stereographs tended to stamp them with copyright dates, or with a negative number which can be related to publication date.