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ster·e·o·scop·ic vis·ion

the single perception of a slightly different image from each eye.
Synonym(s): stereopsis


binocular vision

The visual perception of a fused single image from 2 eyes viewing the same object from slightly different vantages. Binocular vision results from the convergence of neural signals from the corresponding points on the 2 retinas on the same binocular cell in the primary visual cortex. If the images received from each eye differ widely in shape, orientation or luminant contrast, the images then rival each other rather than fuse.


Depth perception (three-dimensional vision) provided by fusion of binocular images.
See also: depth perception
Synonym(s): three-dimensional vision.
[stereo- + G. opsis, vision]


The normal ability to perceive objects as being solid. Stereoscopic vision.


The visual perception of depth, or the ability to see three-dimensionally. For this to occur, the person must be binocular.
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Awareness of the relative distances of objects from the observer, by means of binocular vision only and based on retinal disparity. Syn. stereoscopic vision; third-degree fusion. See stereoscopic visual acuity; anaglyph; angle of stereopsis; cortical column; retinal disparity; depth perception; leaf room; stereo-blindness; random-dot stereogram; stereoscopy; Howard-Dolman test; three needle test; two-dimensional test.
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