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Relating to or containing feces.
Synonym(s): stercoral, stercorous


, stercoral , stercorous (stĕr'kōr-ā'shŭs, -ăl, -ŭs)
Relating to or containing feces.
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The term stercoral colitis refers to a condition that mainly depends on the presence of fecal impaction material in colonic lumen associated with inflammation and distention of the affected colon segment.
Lambrianides, "Stercoral perforation of the rectum," EMA--Emergency Medicine Australasia, vol.
And we recommend that those with risk factors causing idiopathic perforation and stercoral perforation (e.g.
Stercoral perforation is defined as, "perforation of the bowel due to pressure necrosis from fecal masses." The fecal mass being no more than an accumulation of stool that has hardened and has remained stationary in the bowel over a long period of time causing stagnation and colonic deformity.
"Noise is stercoral: it makes the occupation o fan expanse intolerable and thus gets it for itself ..." (Serres 2007:94).
Patients with any of the following conditions were excluded: (1) mechanical gastrointestinal obstruction (including tumor and stercoral obstruction); (2) gastrointestinal hemorrhage within 72 hours before inclusion; (3) presence of intra-abdominal abscesses at inclusion; (4) presence of intestinal perforation, necrosis, or fistula at inclusion; (5) history of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease) or radiation enteritis; (6) pregnancy; (7) contraindications of neostigmine administration; and (8) disconcerting with endoscopy or surgical treatment or treatment abandonment.
Chronic constipation can be associated with medical comorbidities and complications, such as intestinal impaction and obstruction, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, volvulus, stercoral ulcers, and IBS.
It seems reasonable that immobility during hospitalization, hypoperfusion of local rectal blood flow in the elderly, and hypoalbuminemia could lead to the formation of rectal ulcer; previous epidemiological studies suggested that these could be risk factors of SRUS or stercoral ulcer [2, 9, 10].
There has been a case report in which stercoral ulceration as a cause of lower gastrointestinal bleed has been ascribed to sevelamer use [6].
Berry classified spontaneous colonic perforations into "stercoral" and "idiopathic" perforations.
Strongyloides stercorals y Ancylostomideos se detectaron en porcentajes importantes (63,16%), estos geohelmintos comparten el mismo mecanismo de transmision (ingreso a traves de piel desnuda de las larvas filariformes infectantes), el hecho de que la mayoria de los ninos estudiados se mantengan descalzos favorece a ambas parasitosis, asi como la defecacion directa en el suelo, situacion detectada en la mayoria de las comunidades estudiadas.
116 30,3 25,7-34,9 Giardia lamblia 42 11,0 7,8-14,1 * Nao foi observada nenhuma crianca parasitada por Strongyloides stercorals, Schistosoma mansoni e Taenia sp.; ** Indice de Confianca.