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Relating to or containing feces.
Synonym(s): stercoral, stercorous


/ster·co·ral/ (ster´kah-r'l) fecal.


, stercoral , stercorous (stĕr'kōr-ā'shŭs, -ăl, -ŭs)
Relating to or containing feces.

stercorarian, stercoral, stercoraceous, stercoracic

of fecal origin; said of trypanosomes passed to the recipient in the feces of the tsetse fly (Glossina spp.). See also stercoraria.
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The primary aetiological factor linked to stercoral perforation is chronic constipation with greater than 61% of patients having a positive history and 100% of patients showing evidence of fecal impaction on abdominal films.
77% of stercoral perforations occur in the sigmoid and the recto-sigmoid regions.
In a study of 33 patients with stercoral perforations, resection of the affected colon, end colostomy, and Hartmann's closure had the lowest operative mortality of 23%.
Use of Accurate Diagnostic Criteria May Increase Incidence of Stercoral Perforation of the Colon.
Stercoral Colitis Leading to Fatal Peritonitis: CT Findings.
Idiopathic megabowel and stercoral ulceration of the colon are two uncommon complications of constipation.
At the junction of rectum and sigmoid colon, there was a five-centimeter, full-thickness ulceration on the antimesenteric surface consistent with stercoral perforation.
The hard, impacted feces seen with stercoral ulceration and perforation has been described most commonly in elderly, mentally ill, and narcotic-dependent patients (1,7,8); however, our patient was 25-years-old with no diagnosed psychiatric disorders.
We report a rare case of idiopathic megarectum with a stercoral ulcer perforation.
Stercoral perforation of the sigmoid colon: report of a rare case and its possible association with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.