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(ster'ān, stēr'ān),
The hypothetic parent molecule for any steroid hormone; a saturated hydrocarbon compound that contains no oxygen. The name was originally conceived to achieve forms of systematic nomenclature, but is now supplanted by the fundamental variants: gonane, estrane, androstane, norandrostane (etiane), cholane, cholestane, ergostane, pregnane, and stigmastane.
See also: steroids.
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The compounds mainly fall into the following 12 aromatic hydrocarbon series: naphthalene (m/z 128, m/z 142, m/z 156, m/z 170, m/z 184, m/z 198), phenanthrene (m/z 178, m/z 192, m/z 206, m/z 220), benzopyrene (m/z 252), fluoranthene (m/z 202, m/z 216), dibenzothiophene (m/z 184, m/z 198, m/z 212, m/z 226), benzonaphthothiophene (m/z 234), dibenzofuran (m/z 168, m/z 182, m/z 196), fluorene (m/z 166, m/z 180, m/z 194), chrysene (m/z 228, m/z 242, m/z 256), biphenyl (m/z 154, m/z 168, m/z 182), triaromatic sterane (m/z 231) and benzohopane (m/z 191).
30] desmethyl- and desmethyl/4-methyl steranes and distribution of desmethyl-([C.
In contrast, the higher-emitting vehicles dearly showed higher proportions of the hopane and sterane compounds (components of lubricating oils).
Geochemical application of sterane and triterpane biomarkers to a description of oils from the Taranaki Basin in New Zealand.
Reduction, hydrogenation, and biodegradation are helpful to form sterane in sedimentary rocks.
The m/z 217 and m/z 191 mass chromatograms showing the sterane and triterpane distributions in the oil shale samples from different areas are presented in Figs.
Above that temperature the steranes included in the calcitc would decay.