step-down transformer

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an induction apparatus for changing electrical energy at one voltage and current to electrical energy at another voltage and current, through the medium of magnetic energy, without mechanical motion.
step-down transformer one for lowering the voltage of the original current.
step-up transformer one for raising the voltage of the original current.

step-down trans·form·er

(step'down trans-fōr'mĕr)
Device used in radiology to decrease the voltage coming into the x-ray tube.

step-down trans·form·er

(step'down trans-fōr'mĕr)
Device used in radiology to decrease the voltage coming into the x-ray tube.
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The order for the Jenoptik division at the Altenstadt location comprises the manufacturing and delivery of components for two stationary 400-Hertz ground power supply systems: frequency converters, switching equipment and step-down transformers. Frequency inverter systems convert the frequency of the public power grid into the frequency commonly used for airplanes.
includes two (2) 13.2kV/480V step-down transformers, a 480V switchgear and associated conduits and appurtenances.
The copper winding in these step-up and step-down transformers are formed from magnetic copper wire to help improve performance.
Tenders are invited for construct low and medium voltage underground concrete ductbank with manholes for electrical conductors, replace low and medium voltage electrical conductors, replace motor control centers and electrical distribution centers, construct addition to main substation and install additional 13 kv switchgear, construct masonry building to house distribution center 6 at grit facility, replace existing 33 kv to 13 kv step-down transformers, 15 mw capacity (qty 2) in main substation with 20 mw units, provide manhole sump pump system for electrical ductbank manholes, provide third feeder for plant from bge.
* Incorrect Line Voltage -- typically addressed with step-up or step-down transformers or voltage regulation
supplies include single-phase and three-phase step-down transformers, modular box standby modules, modular junction boxes, cana connection modules, drop connection modules, drop hold modules, heat-shrinkable junction, protective junction boxes, safety nuts.
Designed for North American street light installations, the LXMG221D-0700040-D2F LED driver from Microsemi eliminates bulky step-down transformers typically used, providing a single-step conversion from 347 VAC or 480 VAC down to less than 57 VDC.
The tests are performed by exciting the primary and reading the secondary, providing safer conditions for the operator on step-down transformers. Continuity test indicates open or high-resistance terminal connections, and the DC test mode eliminates errors due to magnetic buildup.
* Separate utility and computer step-down transformers with K-rated units specified for computers.
The company's certification includes isolation and step-down transformers with primary and secondary voltages up to 240V ([+ or -] 10 percent) and operating frequencies of both 50 Hz and 60 Hz.