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A general term referring to a vertically stepped progression or appearance
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For step ladders, the rule is to position yourself no higher than the second step from the top.
Sunday Mirror, Gtech Hedge Trimmer & Safety Step Ladders Offer (SMPI 3287), PO Box 299, Romsey SO51 OWH
The Select Step ladder is built on 39 years of experience in making ladders safer, more comfortable and easier to use.
In the step ladder, fourth seed Jan took on third seed Al Busaidi and the later scored a 267-246 victory to move into the semi-final against Rahimi, whom he beat 276-193 to set up the title showdown.
Since the ladder exchange programme was launched in 2007, more than 7,000 ladders have been exchanged - including step ladders, loft ladders, extension ladders and roof ladders.
Crew Manager Matt Currie said: "It was a freak incident, a step ladder stored in the room fell down and trapped the door.
What you need is a sturdy wooden chair that doubles up as a step ladder - traditionally known as a library chair.
Based on this recognition, hardware store retailers are poised to learn how to make it available for do-it-yourselfers and those whose livelihood depend on using a step ladder.
They will also supply "A toolbox talk on ladders and step ladder safety," giving refresher training to ladder users everywhere.
Jade Blue,'' an exotic dancer with a tuft of electric blue hair on her otherwise shaved scalp, got naked and writhed to industrial music as a woman standing on a step ladder poured water on her head.
Using a step ladder, firstly brush off as much mould as you can with a broom, then sweep up mould that falls on the floor.