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A general term referring to a vertically stepped progression or appearance
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Best of all, it's really sturdy and well made - unlike a lot of step ladders, there's no alarming wobble when you're up it, plus the feet are non-slip and the rungs are non-slip and strengthened, meaning you always feel safe, even at great heights.
The remaining bowlers failing to reach the step ladder included Khalid Al Shaalan (2,417) of Production, Drilling's Mohammed Hashim (2,408) and Nezar Al Hussani (2,396) of Drilling.
"I was using step ladders and I'm just glad I had got down from them before I fell, otherwise my injuries could have been much more severe," added Mr Groom.
Deaths, which can occur from a height of as little as 6 feet, are equally distributed between step ladders and extension ladders.
free p&p they're the perfect all-round step ladder. Select either the 3 or the 4 step for extra reach - each with a rubberised non-slip covering.
While this image was focused on the bicycle, the horn antenna that is the source of the microwave signals and a step ladder are out of focus but visible in the microwave picture.
"It would appear that instead of walking all the way round and finding a rail bridge they had taken a step ladder to climb over the wall of the first address and go along the track and climb over the back wall of the second address.
All this late money showed up because the election was like slam-dunking from a step ladder. Lobbyists knew enough to throw their money to the obvious winner.
You definitely need a step ladder as I've put barbed wire and netting around them, but in my opinion they were professionals." Police are investigating.
Also available: matching step stool for just PS9.95 when you order the step ladder (or PS19.95 separately).