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 [sten″o-ther´mal] (stenothermic [sten″o-ther´mik]) pertaining to or characterized by tolerance of only a narrow range of temperature.
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Thus, the common, or viviparous, lizard (Lacerta vivipara)--a stenothermic species found in northern Eurasia--is oviparous at the southern edge of its distribution in the Pyrenees and other mountains of the Iberian Peninsula, where the hot season is longer.
Stenothermic, prefers temperatures around 25[degrees]C; at 20[degrees]C or lower, ephippial females and males occur, and postabdomen deformities result from defectuous moulting.
In any case, the species of the Antarctic benthos are clearly able to live in extremely cold temperatures, although the price they must pay is that they are highly stenothermic, that is to say, they are very sensitive to small changes in temperature.