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, stenocrotaphia (sten'ō-krot'ă-fē, -krō-tā'fē-ă),
Narrowness of the skull in the temporal region; the condition of a stenobregmate skull.
[steno- + G. krotaphos, temple]
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metopism can be related to varied causes, such as: abnormal growth of the cranial bones, pathologic metopism triggered by hydrocephalus, growth interruption, heredospecific factors, sexual influence, heredity, atavism (emergence of a feature supposedly present in a remote ancestral, as a function of random recombination of genes or environmental conditions favorable to its expression in the embryo), stenocrotaphia (abnormal narrowing of the temporal area of the head), plagiocephaly (cranial malformation causing a twisted and asymmetrical head because of the synostosis of the cranial sutures), scaphocephaly (deformed head, projecting forward like the keel of a boat), mechanical causes and hormonal dysfunction.