stellate reticulum

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enamel reticulum

the central core of loosely arranged tissue in the enamel organ between the inner and outer layers of the enamel epithelium of the developing tooth.
Synonym(s): stellate reticulum

stel·late re·tic·u·lum

(stel'āt rĕ-tik'yū-lŭm)
A network of epithelial cells disposed in a fluid-filled compartment in the center of the enamel organ between the outer and inner enamel epithelium.

e·nam·el re·tic·u·lum

(ĕ-namĕl rĕ-tikyŭ-lŭm)
Central core of loosely arranged tissue in enamel organ between inner and outer layers of enamel epithelium of developing tooth.
Synonym(s): stellate reticulum.


star-shaped; arranged in rosettes.

stellate ganglion
cervicothoracic and middle cervical ganglion.
stellate reticulum
center of the enamel organ of the embryonic tooth.
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The positive sections showed a homogenous and brownish cytoplasmic and membranous immunoreactivity in the superficial layers of the epithelial lining of dentigerous cyst (Fig: 3) In the ameloblastoma, the neoplastic epithelial cells showed cytoplasmic and membranous immunopositivity while the stellate reticulum like cells showed only cytoplasmic reaction (Fig 4)
The central zone showed stellate reticulum and foci of cystic degeneration.
Strands of odontogenic epithelium were seen extending into the connective tissue from the lining and producing plexiform pattern with stellate reticulum like tissue between the strands (Figure 4).
The central cells showed stellate reticulum like appearance with some cells showing squamous metaplasia and numerous keratin pearls (Figure 5).