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Recalling his first meeting with Stein in 1926, Thomson said that the two got along "like two Harvard men," but Alice B.
In addition to befriending Matisse and his family, the Steins helped build an audience for the artist.
"This sale, consummated just one week after the apartment was put on the market and following a bidding war, is indicative of the high demand that exists today for premier luxury homes that are priced correctly," said Robin Stein, a senior vice president with Sotheby's.
But the concluding chapter, which might have been expected to raise questions about the nature of this antagonism in relation to Stein's position in the modernist canon, consists of an account of her unsuccessful attempts to conquer Hollywood in the 1930s.
In "Portraits and Repetition," one of her Lectures in America, Stein insisted, "I cannot repeat this too often any one is of one's period" (1957, 177).
Gareth Wharton went close with a header on 57 minutes and both Steins and substitute Craig Moses had further opportunities to double the advantage for the visitors.
Elaborating on domestic convention, Stein has established promenades architecturales continually focused on the courtyard.
This year's stein, "Miller Christmas on 3rd Street," features a Miller beer wagon pulling up to the front of Mader's Restaurant, a longtime Milwaukee eating establishment.
"Miller will introduce new steins in 1990 to keep pace with the public demand."
Kirsch's edited collection Primary Stein: Returning to the Writing of Gertrude Stein accomplishes just what it sets out to do, which is to shift attention away from Stein's life and the spurious allegations surrounding it and back to her writing as work that can be, and demands to be, read for its literary, historical, and linguistic value.
has declared the purchase of LJ Stein & Company, Inc.
Gertrude Stein didn't believe in an afterlife: dead is dead, she noted succinctly.