Biosynthesis of lipids. The term is used specifically to designate lipid accumulation in the testes of nonmammalian vertebrates on completion of spermatogenesis in the breeding period.
[steato- + G. genesis, production]
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The inhibitory effect of miR-34a on peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor [alpha] (PPAR[alpha]), which functions to diminish the intake of fatty acid and facilitate lipoxidation, indicates it to be an important inducer of hepatocyte steatogenesis.
The circRNA_0046367 level even inversely correlated to both steatotic degree and intracellular TG content with statistical significance, suggesting a circRNA-dependent regulatory action throughout steatogenesis.
PPAR[alpha] downregulation, which further upregulates the SREBP-1c/PPAR[alpha] ratio, predisposes obese patients to insulin resistance and hepatic steatogenesis [51].
In contrast to its expression loss during steatogenesis, circRNA_0046367 normalization abolishes the miR-34a-induced PPAR[alpha] inhibition and hepatic steatosis.
Integrating significant GOs and the underlying pathways, circRNA-miRNA-mRNA network was constructed to identify the key circRNAs, and finally their action model, in steatogenesis.
circRNAs, therefore, are suggested to play a pathological role underlying the hepatic steatogenesis.
In consistence to their regulatory actions in metabolism [16], development [13], and carcinogenesis [38], circRNAs are finally highlighted to be robust transcriptional regulators during steatogenesis, probably in a counteracting manner.
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