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Talc in the form of a mass.
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Female figure (the 'Ligabue Venus'), 2500-1700 BC, Bactria, green steatite and cream calcite, ht 10.
It possess 20% more volumetric heat capacity than other steatite.
It is worth approximately PS34 million over the three-year, minimum contract period and Steatite is due to supply initial products by the end of 2014.
Artifact analysis shows that 82 percent of the materials found in the unit are burned daub, burned clay clusters, burned steatite, fire-cracked rock, burned gravel, and charcoal; while only 18 percent non-burned materials are represented.
NASDAQ: CAMP) has announced a distribution agreement with Steatite Ltd.
Par ailleurs, le ministere de l'Industrie et du Commerce exterieur a decide d'imposer une taxe sur la steatite (Talc), a raison de 250 LE la tonne.
Examples among the smaller novelties include an American Emancipation Cane (circa 1865-1900) and a Chinese Scholar's Rock made of steatite and wood from the late Ming or early Qing dynasty.
Potent traditions of spiritual connection and myth may well link contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture to steatite carvings, particularly of birds, created at Great Zimbabwe, the imposing city structure built of stone circa 1500 AD, and surrounded by massive walls.
Pipe with steatite bowl and beaded wooden stem (Fig.
Two specimens were arranged in one simulator chamber and occluded against a steatite ball (a multi-component semiporous crystalline ceramic material) working as antagonist (6 mm in diameter) meeting two adjacent lateral ridges of the crowns as occulsal load for 100,000 cycles at 50N at a frequency of 0.
A date within the second half of the sixth and the first decades of the seventh century is also supported by the steatite moulds found in Caricin Grad, which were used for the production of such mounts (Bavant 1990, 221, 222 f.