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Founder Jaden Hair is now a television chef, food columnist and award-winning food blogger at Steamy Kitchen.
Helen (above left) is Miss January and Phoebe (above right) Miss May in the Steamy Ladies 2007 Calendar for Macmillan Cancer Support' Sam gives a polished performance on the February page on the Steamy Ladies 2007 Calendar
When the sleuthing business or a stakeout is at a lull, private investigator Savannah Reid passes the time reading steamy romance novels.
Spicy however is an understatement as we are treated to a heist, an intriguing vampire, steamy erotica, and some rather expensive diamonds.
The company suspended its notoriously steamy TV advertising campaign, which for years has involved a scantily-clad troupe called the "Takefuji Dancers.
From the icy arctic waters to the steamy swamps of the Everglades, this book examines the continent region-by-region and introduces extinct creatures.
Sub-Saharan Africa, the area between the Sahara and the continent's southern tip, has vast savannas (grasslands), steamy equatorial rain forests, and two large deserts.
Even a quick, steamy shower with Lather's Passion Flower Soap--the scent's a natural sleep enhancer--should do the trick.
There's something about a steamy bowl of chili--the velvety beans and spicy sauce--that tastes just right in the fall.
If I close my eyes, I can imagine a steamy, volcanic eon some scores of millions of years ago, when a horde of strange new creatures boiled out of the tropical seas and began crawling, running, and flapping all over the previously unpopulated land.
Add your name, address and daytime telephone number and send, to be recei ved no later than Thursday July 2, to: Steamy Vegetable Competition, The Birmingham Post, PO Box 30, Birmingham B4 6BA.
Decadent, colorfully raw and born completely out of their marriage, Scoop and wife, Shanda, created Man And Wife which gives viewers/listeners an interactive and insightful role in steamy and wildly naughty banter between the Sexes and a couple really in love.