steam sterilization

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steam sterilization

Etymology: ME, steme, vapor; L, sterilis, barren
the destruction of all forms of microbial life on an object by exposing the object to moist heat for 15 minutes at 121° F (49.44° C) under high pressure.

steam sterilization,

n the destruction of all forms of microbial life on an object by exposing the object to moist heat (under pressure) for 15 minutes at 121° C.


the vapor created by heating water to 212°F (100°C).

steam sterilization
see sterilization (2).
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While endotoxins, bioburden contamination, and particles are removed during appropriate and validated washing and steam sterilization processes, PPM-based specifications on functional and cosmetic defects are achieved through automated camera inspection processes.
More importantly, sterilized filtrate systems are usually kept over pressure after steam sterilization or, in the case of single-use systems, are preassembled containment systems.
Organic tissues are susceptible to heat damage, which makes it impossible to use steam sterilization.
Winandy and Morrell (1993) found that steam sterilization resulted in approximately 4 percent weight loss in wood with a l 2 percent loss of bending strength.
This is the first time that steam sterilization will be used in Jordan as alternative to the incineration of HCW.
He is also considering joining up with a chemical disinfectant company that is keenly interested in his technology and wants to offer a steam sterilization alternative.
It also offers steam sterilization of vessel and seals, cartridge drive system for quick and easy maintenance and inspection, heated internal cone for faster drying, a heated mixing screw to handle sticky materials, and a fully automatic cleaning system.
The Nomex braidreinforcement option offers longer life and can withstand repeated steam sterilization better than polyester braiding.
Specifically designed to withstand the rigors of steam sterilization, this camera head provides faster turnaround times between cases and more cost-effective reprocessing.
Chris Lovelace, the World Bank's director of health, nutrition and population, says the Bank's guidance to countries does not endorse incineration over other options, including steam sterilization and landfilling.
Therefore we have chosen the method of bottle steam sterilization prior to filling.
Ethylene oxide (EtO) is a gas used widely to sterilize surgical equipment that can't tolerate steam sterilization.