steam box

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steam box,

n a device used in the Kallawaya system of healing, practiced in Bolivia, in which a mixture of herbs is heated to produce steam that is used to eliminate toxins from the body.
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It's hard to say whether Valve's new Steam Box classifies as a "console," exactly, since it's being built to support all of Steam's PC content.
Looking at Valve's intense focus on making PCs more user-friendly and bringing them into living rooms as an alternative to consoles, it wouldn't be risky to assume that the other announcements will have a similar air to them as the Steam Box.
Apart from the Steam Box, here are three other things that Valve could announce:
The fabric is led horizontally to a magnetic spreader ALBATROS which then takes the fabric through the steam box onto the specially developed multilayer felt belt compacting and calandering unit.
It seems to indicate that the Steam Box is coming in 2013, but Newell might instead be referring to other living room PCs.
Really, what Newell sees as the greatest threat to the steam box is Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).
com/2013/1/30/3934112/gabe-newell-steam-boxs-biggest-threat-isnt-consoles-its-apple) Polygon , Newell spoke to a class at the University of Texas' LBJ School of Public Affairs this week and admitted that he sees Apple TV, Apple's living room offering for media streaming, as the biggest source of competition for his company's latest venture, the Steam Box.
However, many machines do not use a steam box in the presses because of condensate dripping on the sheet or the lack of a suitable location where steam can be drawn into the sheet.
An interesting development in steam box application is the use of steam to heat the felt directly (see "Wells" in Additional Resources.
The sheets were then subjected to an identical steaming process using the Steam Box Comparator apparatus [TAPPI J.