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Karuri is accused of stealing the cash on January 19.
He added that the court would 'not allow water to be stolen from poor farmers from the Abasia Link Canal.' He explained that stealing water from them was 'synonymous to sucking their blood'.
"Why is India stealing our water?" the Justice Nisar inquired, asserting, "We will not let India steal Pakistan's water." He added that the court would "not allow water to be stolen from poor farmers from the Abasia Link Canal.
of stealing chewing gum from a plane bound to Bangkok and attempting to steal from other aircraft.
Louis Browns, Detroit Tigers, and Chicago White Sox each accumulated more outs caught stealing than they did stolen bases.
Two men are accused of stealing 30 packets of steak worth PS180 from Co-op in Harpers Parade, Stockton (REF: S-35 a&b-2015)
LINDLEY: July 20 BMW 330 was entered by unknown means and a search was made but nothing was taken; July 24 suspect arrested after grabbing hold of woman and stealing her purse and shopping.
A 16-year-old boy from Quinton pleaded guilty to trespassing Sainsbury's and stealing two bottles of fizzy drinks worth pounds 2.40 and handling stolen goods.
And conclusions that the game is either a power game or a speed game do not capture all that is important regarding base stealing.
Although stealing for scrap value is not new, with the record-high secondary commodity prices, incidents of theft have become more rampant.
While stealing thousands of credit cards and reaping millions of dollars worth of currency, some thieves appeared repeatedly in the same casinos.
That's stealing." "Yeah," one of the friends replied with the rapier logic of a 17-year-old boy.