steady-state velocity

stead·y-state ve·loc·i·ty

the velocity of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction in which, over the time course of the study, the concentration of any enzyme species is constant (that is, for an enzyme-substrate binary complex, ES, d[ES]/dt ≈ 0; for this to hold true, the total enzyme concentration must be much less than the initial substrate concentration.
Synonym(s): steady-state rate
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The steady-state velocity profiles for different magnetic parameter are shown in Fig.
Figure 4 shows the effect that changing the cooling conditions (air temperature and air velocity) has on the steady-state velocity profiles for Nylon.
The Integration of Eqs 32 to 35 along with boundary conditions in Eqs 26, 36, and 27 numerically determine the steady-state velocity ([w.
The steady-state velocity profiles for different values of the chemical reaction parameter (K = -1, 0.