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Medtalk A period of hospital ingression. See Average length of stay, Length of stay.


(stā) [ME.]
A postponement of an administrative or a judicial ruling.

Patient discussion about stay

Q. How long does asthma stay with someone? My son has had asthma since he was three years old. The doctors keep telling us that he will grow out of it, he is now twelve. And it even got a little bit worse then ever.

A. I really appreciate that you all took the time to answer my question - thanks. I hope he'll grow out of it eventually.

Q. How long do you want to stay in the mist? I appreciate each one of you. You are open-minded and you desire to learn. So I invite you to go through my questions and answers to learn very fast if you like to. Of course it is always nice to make a break sometimes. Take a glass of water, mark regularly your territory and stay with the iMedix-crew in touch. We are very thankful to have you with us.

A. Life is something beautiful. Nature too, and your body (your boat, if you prefer, because you are the captain of your boat), is a part of this nature. The more you understand nature, the better you will understand your body. For that you don't have to be a scientist, a doctor or a university professor. Just be yourself, with your brain between your ears and always testing and asking the things behind. So you will soon understand better what is going around. Stay safe and take care of yourself.

Q. How long does alcohol stay in the body? Usually we see that people are out of their control for many hours after consuming alcohol. How long does alcohol stay in the body?

A. This is the first time I am coming across this question, thanks for you which made me to research about it. Here I have given what I have read: A number of factors determine how long alcohol will stay in a person’s system including age, sex, weight, body fat, and physical condition. No matter how much alcohol is consumed or what blood alcohol concentration level has been achieved, the liver, which breaks down approximately 95% of all alcohol consumed, requires about one hour metabolizing the alcohol in one standard drink. The remaining 5% passes out via the urine, the breath, and perspiration. One standard drink is defined as a 12 oz. beer, a 4 oz. glass of wine, or a shot (1.5 oz.) of liquor. A person can still be affected by alcohol after it’s “out of the system.” In one study, participants were asked to drink between 10 pm and 2 am and were then tested performing various tasks at 9 am the next morning.

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It has long been recognized that the nursing home was a place providing care to residents with needs requiring short stays and to those with more chronic conditions requiring longer, if not permanent care," said NCHS researcher Frederic Decker, the study's author.
Patient care is enhanced through electronic communication of information regarding needed length of stay and patient placement at discharge.
As in Situation 1, a Tax Court proceeding cannot be commenced while the automatic stay is in effect; the running of the period for filing a Tax Court petition is suspended during the automatic stay and for 60 days thereafter.
Contrary to popular myth, shorter hospital stays after birth stemmed from the desires of families, rather than from a cost-cutting frenzy by insurers.
all the votes were in, and Darden's stay application had failed by a now familiar 5-4.
In short, you may not be able to stay in touch with the office or get work done.
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