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statutory (in law) rape,

n sexual intercourse with a child below the age of consent, which varies from state to state.
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Exclusion items -- income items statutorily excluded for regualr tax or AMTI but includible for E&P computation purposes -- are included in computing ACE net of any allocable deductions.
A former SEC commissioner spoke of the desirability of a statutorily based self-regulatory organization.
The rating reflects the bankruptcy remote, statutorily defined nature of the issuer; ownership of system revenues by the bankruptcy remote New York City Water Board; annual required adjustment of water rates to a level to provide 1.
The Northern HSC Trust is one of five Trusts established as statutorily separate organisations within the HSC family, responsible for the delivery of responsive and effective health and care services and for the ownership and management of hospitals and other establishments and facilities.
Specific accounting methods are statutorily prescribed for certain taxpayers.
Lastly, the court noted that the statutorily imposed waiver under the Pet Law "is more properly limited to existing pets which are part of a household.
An Illinois circuit court ruling limits the effectiveness of section 30 of the Illinois Public Accounting Act ("the Privity Act"), which defined statutorily the accountant's duty to third parties relying on financial statements.
Close-out netting is not currently statutorily underpinned in the UAE, as a result there is some uncertainty as to the enforceability of derivative transactions in an insolvency of a counterparty located in the UAE, including a counterparty located in the DIFC.
If a transaction tax attaches at the time the product sold is delivered to the in-state resident, the seller has the best means and opportunity to collect the use tax statutorily due.
Chenok said his purpose was not to express an opinion on the accounting issue, since "the AICPA has not yet developed its position" on it, but, rather, to convey the Institute's views on the standard-setting process--particular its concern over statutorily mandated accounting standards.
00 per share beginning two years after the date of issuance, and (v) will not be entitled to voting rights, except as statutorily required.
The state's total GO bonds are limited obligations, as the constitution provides for an annual property tax, statutorily limited to $3.