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(sta-tis'tiks) [L. statisticus, pert. to a status]
The systematic collection, organization, analysis, and interpretation of numerical data pert. to any subject. statistical (-tis'ti-kal), adjective

medical statistics

Statistics pert. to medical sciences, esp. data pert. to human disease.

morbidity statistics

Statistics that enumerate the extent, frequency, or severity of disease in a community.

parametric statistics

The class of statistics based on the assumption that the samples measured are from normally distributed populations.

population statistics

Vital statistics

vital statistics

Statistics relating to births (natality), deaths (mortality), diseases (morbidity), health, and marriage. Vital statistics for the U.S. are published annually by the National Center for Health Statistics of the Department of Health and Human Services.
Synonym: population statistics
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Patient discussion about statistical

Q. What are the known statistics of Autism: Here is a question which needs a very detailed reply please. What are the known statistics of Autism: incidence, cost and ratio?

A. for more statistical information here are 2 sites:

and here is the CDC site link:

Q. Do you know if Propecia can truly stop hair loss and even grow back hair. do you have any statistics about it? do you know if there are any side effects to this medication?

A. it does work but there is some side affects, as in E.D. while you are on the med.

Q. What is the statistic number of women having breast cancer or under the threat of having breast cancer? where would i find a good , and reliable info about the disease ?

A. it is said that today 1 out of any 8 women will have breast cancer. there are also men who has breast cancer but the numbers are considerably lower.
about a good source of info- the site that doctoradhi gave you is pretty good, and you can use also the national medical library link:

good luck!

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The difference in the mean respiratory rate of patients in the two groups was statistically insignificant (p value > 0.05).
A statistically significant difference was found between haemogram results and GCS, RTS, AIS, ISS, TS and TRISS (p<0.05).
In the COMC group, CWD tympanoplasty was statistically more frequent (p < 0.05), while the CWU tympanoplasty was statistically more frequent in the COMWC group (p < 0.05).
A sequence [([x.sub.n]).sub.n[member of]N] in E is said to be statistically e-uniformly convergent to x [member of] E if
In this subgroup, the rivaroxaban-plus-aspirin regimen produced a statistically significant 28% relative risk reduction in the rate of the primary endpoint, compared with the aspirin control group.
An estimated 73.9 percent of working men with earnings and 61.3 percent of working women with earnings worked full time, year-round in 2015, not statistically different from 2014.
Etz and Vandekerckhove statistically analyzed 72 papers and replication attempts from Nosek's project.
* For Trichomonas vaginalis, the sensitivity was 85% and specificity was 96.8%, with no statistically significant difference from urethral swabs (P = .344).
i) The sequence [([x.sub.k]).sub.k[greater than or equal to]1] is norm statistically convergent to x provided that
We also have checked whether each generation's opinions can be explained by random variation or if the differences vary in a statistically significant way from the fourth generation.
* The real median income of Hispanic households rose by 3.5 percent between 2012 and 2013, while for non-Hispanic white, black and Asian households the changes between 2012 and 2013 weren't statistically significant.
Results of t-test showed that the DREEM Mean Score of candidates in the private sector is statistically significantly higher than the DREEM mean score of candidates in the public sector.

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