statistical genetics

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sta·tis·ti·cal ge·net·ics

the study of the applications of principles of statistics to problems in genetics.
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24 September 2014 - US clinical trial services provider Axio Research said Wednesday it had launched Statistical Genetics and Genomics services to respond to the biopharmaceutical industry's need for advanced statistical support in the analysis and interpretation of complex genomic data for drug discovery and development, drug repositioning and companion diagnostics development.
The researchers used statistical genetics software to determine the heritability of the two conditions.
The emphasis throughout is on being able to figure out: "What does this segment of DNA do?" and "Which segment of DNA does this?" Chapters cover basic molecular biology for statistical genetics and genomics, basics of likelihood based statistics, markers and physical mapping, basic linkage analysis, extensions of the basic model for parametric linkage, nonparametric linkage and association analysis, sequence alignment, significance of alignments and alignment in practice, hidden Markov models, feature recognition in biopolymers, multiple alignment and sequence feature discovery, statistical genomics, detecting differential expression, cluster analysis in genomics, and classification in genomics.
Third Seattle Symposium in Biostatistics: Statistical Genetics and Genomics.
His research focuses on statistical genetics, particularly understanding patterns of variation in the human genome and translating that knowledge into more effective statistical methods for finding variation responsible for disease.
Other new key posts include a professor of statistical genetics, who will analyse research into diseases like cancer, and a professor of earth systems, who will be part of a team working to provide solutions to global natural-resource issues.
Crossa and coworkers have developed statistical models, methods, and procedures, for classifying genetic resources and breeding germplasm and have investigated and developed new statistical genetics and population genetic models for efficient regeneration and collection of genetic resources.
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