statistical error

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statistical error

difference between a computed/measured value and the true/correct value
  • type I error false-positive; incorrect rejection of the null hypothesis, i.e. acceptance of alternative hypotheses when differences noted have occurred by chance, and are not due to experiment

  • type II error false-negative; failure to reject the null hypothesis when the alternative hypothesis is the true natural state, i.e. failure to note a statistical difference

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A quick glance at Figure 3 suggests that the two periods have been stable since 1975, but plotting the errors for the 105-day period it can be seen in Figure 4 that the period has varied by considerably more than the statistical error.
Then the root-mean-square deviation of the error of the statistical error estimation method is constant, equal to S = 0.
The ratings of other broadcasters are so low they are symbolic--some of them even on the level of statistical error.
We regret that there was a statistical error in the September issue of the Southern Medical Journal.
Allow a wider-than-usual range for statistical error on test scores as well as the total percentage of proficient students (meaning many scores are not counted);
In May, Merck announced at a press briefing that it had made a statistical error in its original report of the APPROVe data.
The approach discussed here offers the advantages of 4[pi] acceptance so that the number of events large leading to a smaller statistical error for a given running time.
They contain a statistical error called regression to the mean,' he stated.
When you then survey for six or seven candidates in a telephone interview, respondent error may trump statistical error.
OFFICIAL figures for pension contributions in the UK have been significantly overestimated due to a statistical error, it has emerged.
Secondly, he proved his conclusion by using statistical manipulation and disregarding the possibility of statistical error.

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